About IPColony.Com

This website is decicated to solving business problems using Information Technology.

Ashish Kumar (Technology Consultant)

I help businesses achieve efficiency and productivity by implementing software solutions.

I have over twenty nine years of experience in the IT industry. During my long career, I have been an entrepreneur, software architect, inventor, consultant, IT project leader, software developer, and mentor. I have worked in variety of domains such as retail, financial, transportation, banking, telecommunications, EDI, and manufacturing. I have worked extensively on system architecture, database design, data warehouse design/ implementation, and integration projects. I am a creative thinker and out of the box problem solver.

Please let me know how I can be of help to you and your business.

My current work

Systanix Corporation

Systanix has developed an exciting new way to implement traditional control systems using Information Technology. This implementation offers much more flexibility over embedded systems.


Take a look at some exciting every day use messaging applications.

Flexnova, Inc.

Flexnova is helping leading utilities improve their performance in the critical areas of rate and regulatory case filings and NERC compliance with the industry leading (Sharepoint based) products, CaseWorks and ComplianceWorks.

How I help grow small to medium size businesses

IT (Information Technology) is an integral part for any business to success and grow. Small or medium size businesses often do not have the resources to have an in-house IT person. Those who do often find themselves tangled in the vast and complex field of software. I help businesses to solve their needs by using the right software only as a tool. My solutions save money for customers. I provide support for these systems for further customization and enhancements.

Examples of my services:

  • Add functionality to your existing off the shelf system(s)
  • Build custom software based upon your needs and specifications
  • Implement VOIP solutions

Fun stuff I developed

Play it on your desktop. Play it with your friends around the world. Learn how the game was developed using C#.Ancient chinese dice game of Sic Bo

Utilities/Tools I developed

If you are like me, you like to get most bang for your code. In the object oriented world you get this by creating reusable objects. I recently started using web user controls in ASP.Net An ASP.NET Web user control is similar to a complete ASP.NET Web page (.aspx file), with both a user interface page and code.Create reusable web user controls in ASP.Net

I am sure you have developed applications dealing with multiple types of databases like SQL Server, MYSQL, or Oracle. Sometimes it is very convenient to just link the tables in a Micrsoft Access database and work with Microsoft's Jet Oledb provider. I have developed a class using C#, which you can include in your code to make linking and unlinking of tables, a breeze.Linking/Unlinking tables in MS Access using .Net

This is the fastest utility to delete files on Windows platform.  I designed the utility and have it developed in C++ for speed.Fastest mass file deletion utility for Windows

The XportXML utility, will help you copy relational data (a bunch of related tables) to another SQL Server. There is no rocket science behind the utility as such. It automates many mundane tasks like writing the query to export the data in hierarchical order, and creating XSD schema.XportXML utility to export relation data across SQL Servers